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The black truffle or Tuber melanosporum

The Perigord Noir truffle is to Périgourdine gastronomy what Sarlat is to the Périgord, a special gem.

In Sarlat, there is a tireless devotion for truffle wich is celebrates each year, around mid-January. This rare mushroom can be grown or harvest by “truffle caveurs” or found under wild oak trees, or under the hazel trees what is most exciting.
truffe du Périgord

Its growth begins in springtime and it's harvested between December and March if lucky. To find the wild truffle you must be a real specialist and above all be very watchful of your environment as its presence is characterized by the lack of vegetation around the truffle trees.

Several techniques are used to find it, by digging for example the ground or sometimes by raising "truffle flies", species that lay its eggs on top of the nose; this type of hunting requires local knowledge and a acute sense of observation.

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Valentine's Day, where it comes from ?

Saint ValentinWhat is the origin of this famous custom?

Like many holidays, we do not really know, but as far as wa can guess it is " "a bird for a husband."
Young girls try to guess who could become their husband. So if on Valentine's Day, they caught sight of a sparrow, it was the sign of a happy marriage with a broken man, a robin was a sign of a happy marriage with a sailor, and a goldfinch, a happy marriage with a rich man.

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Bringing you to Sarlat !

decouvrez sarlatBringing you to Sarlat !

Sarlat, attractive city of the Perigord Noir, is worlwide renowned, thanks to its history, its flamboyant heritage, its monuments, its market and its gastronomy.

The 5 essential things to know about Sarlat:

Its story: Blessed by history, ancient seat of an abbey, Sarlat became prosperous in the Middle Age. Consuls are running the city and erect georgous Romanesque and Gothic buildings. Later, the Renaissance will be expressed through the humanistic ideas of Etienne de La Boetie, native son.

Its flamboyant Heritage : The architecture of the Perigord Noir capital is straggering. Over a stroll in the historic center, you will discover winding streets, archways, mansions, carved windows, all dominated by the ocher stone facades and roofs with particular country "lauze" stone.

Its key monuments : Opposite to the former bishop and St. Sacerdos cathedral, admire the Hotel de La Boetie, where was born Montaigne s'friend in 1530. You can also admire the lantern of the dead, tower from the twelfth century. The Presidial : former tribunal established by Henry II in 1552. It must wander the streets of Consuls where notables of the houses follow one another. Freedom Square : you will discover the jewels with his mansions Chassaing and from Vienna. The ancient church of St. Mary of the twelfth century was filed in 1905 and was restored in 2000 by the architect of the country, Jean Nouvel who was able to restore it to its full extent. The anthracite gray steel doors of its new recall the color of slate. Discover the roofs of Sarlat with its panoramic lift, designed by Jean Nouvel, opened in 2012. The borrowing is a unique experience.

Its markets: Epicenter of social life, the Saturday morning market, Freedom Square, is a firework of smells and flavors of the South West. You'll find walnuts, truffles, foie gras, duck breast and duck confit, goose on all stalls. A coffee on the terrace is a great time to share with your friends.

Its local figures: The atmosphere is authentic in the Périgord Noir. Lulled by the conversations of Périgourdine people, touting their products, their country, so rich in history, are moments rich in emotion and simple pleasures of life.

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