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General Rental Conditions



Holiday rental contract

The contract starts the day of the final booking. The reservation becomes effective when the tenant has returned to the owner one signed copy of the agreement and te advanded payment for the rental. The agreement between the parties cannot benefit, even partially, to third parties individualx or legal entities.

Capacity: Each contract is made for a precise number of people. If the number of tenants exceeds the capacity, the owner is allowed to refuse the extra people.


Rates don't have a contractual value and may change without notice. The contract price is fixe on the day of booking.
The price agreed upon reservation includes:
* The rental of the cottage furnished and equipped, the day of arrival to the day of departure.
* The standard consumption of water, gas, electricity.
* Free access to leisure facilities, outdoor.
* The options that can be added to the reservation before arrival (at least 48 hours before)
* The supply of sheets, pillowcases, towels and kitchen towels
* The final cleaning service set based on the rented cottage
* The gourmet dinner basket Service
* The firewood supply
and any other services not mentioned above.

Payment terms

30% deposit is paid on booking by bank transfer or credit card. The balance will be paid no later than 30 days before arrival. In case of late booking (less than 30 days before the rental period), full payment is due on booking day.

Modalities of payment

Payment accept : bank check, bank transfer, credit card via Paypal or Ke-booking, cash during the stay.

Use of premises

The owner will provide housing in conformity with the description he ha provided. The tenant will occupy the property in a peaceful way and will make appropriate use of it according to the purpose of the premises and internal regulations. The installation of tents or parking caravans on the land of the leased property is prohibited. Upon his departure, the tenant agrees to leave the premises as clean as he found it on his arrival. All repairs regardless of their importance, made necessary by the negligence of the tenant during the lease will be charged. Subletting is prohibited, even for free, under penalty of contract termination. The premises are rented for use of temporary or holiday accommodation, excluding any occupation, trade or craft or what so ever.


For a weekly rental: Arrival times are normally scheduled between 4 and 5 p.m at the latest. Departure times are normally scheduled later than 10am.


Inventory : The owner agrees to provide the premises in an excellent rental condition and to remedy as soon as possible to the problems appearing during the lease. The tenant checks on arrival the inventory and inventory and reports within 24 hours of his arrival any missing or damaged items. Any loss or damage will be compensated.


On the day of arrival in a house, a security deposit equal of the amount mentionned on the contract is requested. It will be returned or destroyed by the owner within a period not exceeding one week after the tenant's departure, minus the cost of rehabilitation places or if damage were reported. It is not possible to perform an inventory on departure, day if it's a night or early morning departure. The amount of any deduction made be duly justified by the owner on the basis of a state of fixtures, quotes, invoices .... If the deposit is insufficient, the tenant agrees to complete the necesseray amount on the basis of evidence provided by the owner. The deposit shall in no case be considered as part payment of rent.

Cancellation by the tenant

Cancellation before arrival at the scene:
- If canceled or modified 90 days prior to arrival, we charge no fees.
- If canceled or modified 60 days prior to arrival, the booking deposit is retained by the owner.
- If canceled or modified up to 30 days prior to arrival, we demand 50% of the total booking amount.
- If canceled or modified less than 30 days before arrival date, 100% of the booking amount is required.

Exceptional cancellation conditions from 1/03/20 to 15/09/20 linked to the context of Covid-19 : 
Cancellation free of charge up to 10 days before arrival, issue of a "voucher" valid for 18 months for the pre-payment made.

If the stay is shortened:
The rental price remains with the owner. There will be no refund.
Downsizing tenants:
Without prior consent of the owner, no reduction in the number of tenants compared to the one specified in this contract will result in a reduction of the renting price initially fixed.

Cancellation by the owner

The owner reimbursed the full amount paid  by the tenant.


Equipment and on site facilities should be used for their appropriate destination. All the equipment provided must be returned to where it belongs when leaving the premises. The tenant is personally responsible for all damages, losses or damages made on both, the housing itself and its contents as well as the facilities on the site, no matter they have been caused by imself or any other person staying with him, or visiting him.


The tenant is required to be insured under a contract of personal insurance, or a specific contract limited to the length of stay. The signing of this contract is reporting office on honor attesting the conformity of this particular point. Children's games are under the supervision and responsibility of parents, especially the ones in the pool area. The tenant must immediately notify the owner of any damage occurred. If a tenant does not comply with the above rules, the owner is allowed to take the required measures, up to the closing of the renting contract signed by the offender.


Pets category 1 or 2 classified as hazardous, are not allowed. One pet per property is allowed as far as you have mentionned it when booking. Your dog should not disturb the peace and security of the residents. You will have to provide a dated vaccination record, respect the hygiene rules and the integrity of all installations which should be covered by the dog owner's liability insurance. Tenants should remain in control of their animal's behavior. In case of non compliance with this clause, the owner is allowed to cancel the booking. In such cas, no refund will be made.

Final service cleaning of cottage

If the tenant did'nt accept the final maid service, heagrees to eave the premises as cleans as he found it when he arrived. Otherwise, the cleaning fee is charged and is deduced from the deposit amount.

Local taxes

The city tax is a local tax that each customer must pay to the owner who then has to transfer it to the official tax services.

Regulation pool and équipments

Two pools are available on the property. They are protected by fence, barrier or alarm, and unsupervised. For the safety of your children, thank you for always keeping the door closed. No toy or object should be left in the pool to avoid clogging of the filter.
Umbrellas should always be fold in at the end of the day in cas of bad weathe, in both the courtyard and the pool areas to avoid damages in case of high winds.
Children are under their parents responsability and must be accompanied by an adult to enter the pool area.
As owners, we assume no liability for accidents.
Depth: 1.00 m after the stair - 1.70 m after the black line
Bathing hours: 10:00 to 9:00 p.m.


Residents are required to comply with the rules indicated in their agreement.


The responsibility of Le Bonheur dans notre Pre shall not be liable for any breach of the rules and safety precautions related to the SPE. Theft, domestic accident, loss or damage of any kind during or following a stay. Failure or decommissioning of technical equipment or facilities. Damage caused or suffered by residents by vehicles parked in the property or any driving within the limits of the site.

Items founds

Found objects will be mailed upon request after payment in advance of shipping.


All claims relating to the stay must be made directly with the Manager during or at the end of the stay in order to allow an immediate solution. If no complain, the stay will, by an express agreement, be deemed to have taken place under satisfactory conditions. All judicial or extrajudicial claims, from the booking agreement will be prescribed after two month starting from the end date of the stay. In case of dispute relating to compensation, the competent court will be the place of our residency.

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